Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I had nothing better to do last night, so I decided to tune in for NBC's new show Smash. Unintentional hilarity followed. It was your classic small-town-girl-next-door trying to make it in the big city storyline, complete with skeevy older man trying to bend her over the casting couch for a little extra rehearsal help. So basically what I'm saying is it's crap and I should never expect more from NBC.

But I'll probably keep watching. Even despite the fact that musicals give me massive douche chills. You know that point in every musical where Joe Earnest, attempting to win over Mary Sue Cardigan, suddenly finds himself without the words to express his love? A piano starts playing softly as Joe gazes into the distance, then suddenly... he bursts into song. I'd enjoy musicals a whole lot more if Mary Sue, just once, said "What the f*ck, Joe? People are watching."

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Knock knock

They say it's a good idea to open with a joke.

Last night as I was putting J to bed, E (who goes to bed half an hour earlier than his big brother in order to avoid EPIC! NIGHTTIME! BATTLES!) rolled over in his bed and whispered "Mommy?" "Go back to sleep, honey." "Knock knock!" Sigh. This could go on all night. "Who's there?" "I love you." "Aw, I love you who?" Long pause. "Poopbutt."

The punchline could use some work.